Meltham Methodist Church

The first record of Methodists meeting together in Meltham is in 1795 when a cottage in the neighbourhood of Bower Hill occupied by James Mellor was used for worship. In 1819 the first chapel was built known as the Assembly Rooms which is still standing today next to the present church. By 1846 three services each Sunday were planned and Meltham now provided six of the twenty two preachers on the circuit plan.  A new chapel was built to seat 720; this was opened in 1886. The end of 1975 saw the site cleared to make room for the church we know today as Meltham Methodist Church.

The picture seen is of the church as it stands today built in 1976. Additional history of Methodism in Meltham can be found in the church.

Following the sale of the Assembly Rooms which are now flats, there was an acute shortage of space for Sunday School and various group activities.  This prompted the building of an annexe onto the existing building to provide space for Sunday School and outreach. The project was known as BOBO – Building Out, Building On.

The premises are now used extensively by many different community groups; thus the church is ‘building out’ a relationship with the community which was never explored previously.

Weekly Worship:

Sunday Morning Service: 10.30am

Sunday School: An all age worship service is held on the first Sunday of every month. Child-friendly activities are available on the remaining Sundays.

Evening services are not held except on special occasions.

Minister in charge: Rev Andrew Marchington

Contact: 01484 648224

Meltham Methodist ChurchMeltham Methodist Church

To access information about special events at Meltham Methodist Church please visit our website:

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Regular Weekly Events:


10.30 – 12.00  Morning Worship


 09.30 - 12.00      Meltham Baby and Toddlers

09.30 - 11.30      Side by Side (Alzheimer’s Support)

13.00 - 15.00      French Class

13.45 - 15.15      Choir

19.00 - 20.30     Zumba


10.00 - 12.00     Together Tuesday (Coffee Drop-In)

18.30 - 19.30     Yoga


18.30 – 19.30    Judo


09.30 - 11.30   Meltham Baby and Toddlers


09.30 - 14.30   Friend to Friend Lunch (First Friday of the month)

09.30 - 10.30 Yoga (except on the first Friday of the month) 

14.00 - 16.00 Friend to Friend Tai Chi (2nd and 4th Fridays of the month)


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