Meltham Churches Together

Meltham Churches Working Together

There are four Christian denominations in Meltham, comprising seven congregations - four Anglican, one Methodist, one Catholic and one Baptist.

A few years ago, at the instigation of the clergy, it was decided to form a Churches Together platform in order to help bring together the churches in their overall aims and outreach.

The separate churches' "Whitsuntide Walks" came together as one "Walk of Witness" as well as a combined Good Friday Service and Witness Walk.

During the week of Prayer for Christian Unity, there is an interchange of preachers and congregations between the churches and there is a special "Churches Together Christian Aid Week Service".

The Mustard Seed Project, whereby congregations from all churches donate money to support the running of an orphanage in Kyema, Uganda, is another offshoot of Churches Together.

Forming Churches Together was an inspired decision. It led to the most visible and tangible expression of Christian Unity seen in Meltham in the form of The Crossroads Project. The shop and centre are practical examples of Christian and Humanitarian Outreach where all can benefit.

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