About Us

The Crossroads Project

The Crossroads Project is a Christian initiative set up by Meltham Churches together 25 years ago, it’s aims are to show Gods love and work in the community and serve as a positive Christian witness to members of the local community and surrounding area.

February 1996 the decision was made to open a community shop staffed by volunteers selling affordable and good quality, toys clothing, bedding and household goods.

Donations poured in. The shop soon made enough money to pay its bills and was able to give out Community grants. Over the following years The Crossroads Project has given out more than £575,000 to local groups and individuals.

In 1997 the decision was made to open an information and advice centre also in the centre of Meltham. Interested groups were encouraged to hold outreach sessions and other well-established groups were given the opportunity to use the rooms provided for free, with the use of our telephone, photocopier and other facilities.

To meet the needs that had been identified by the benefit and debt advisors in 2014 a small Food Bank was established to help the local families and individuals in crisis.

After many years it became increasingly apparent that The Crossroads Centre was not suitable as a Centre due to the steep stairs and no downstairs toilet was no longer fit for purpose.

Collaboration between Meltham Town Council, (Max Bradley) our landlord and The Crossroads Project enabled us in 2019 to move into new premises in the old Town Hall, Meltham, which offers greater accessibility, meeting rooms and much larger space to house the Food Bank.

At the same time the needs of The Crossroads Shop were expanding and needed the extra space. This was obtained by taking over the adjacent shop, which gave the shop more room for storage and sorting.

The project has continued to work and serve our community in the long and short-term supporting those least able to support themselves.